June 15

5 Ways to Keep Your Existing Customers and Website Traffic Engaged

As a business owner, your customers are incredibly important to you. You want to keep them happy and engaged with your business, right?  And what about your website traffic? They are often potential customers and it’s important to engage them too so that you can hopefully convert them into customers! So, what are the best ways to engage with your existing and potential customers?


Use proactive live chat

Use live chat software to engage with your website visitors.

Proactive live chat on your website is the best way to engage with people who are currently on your website. People on your website are interested now. They’re looking for answers now. Proactively engaging with these website visitors by popping up to them through live chat will prompt them to ask questions. Engaging with your website traffic in this way will help them to feel confident in going ahead with a purchase. Plus, your existing customers can receive instant customer service – live chat received a customer satisfaction rating of 73% compared to 44% for phone support.


Host giveaways or competitions

host giveaways on your website

Everyone loves free stuff, right? Hosting a competition where you’re giving away something really awesome for free will help to create a buzz around your brand. This is a great way for everyone to engage with your business! Even if they don’t buy from you, they’ll likely remember you in a positive way. Be that brand that gives away amazing free stuff and people will want to be kept updated.


Get on social media

Get your business on social media to get free website traffic and more engaged customers

More and more people are searching for businesses on social media, looking to ask questions or engage with them in some way. Make sure you have this presence – it’s incredibly important in this digital age. Existing and potential customers can learn more about your business and find out what you’ve been up to – a great way for them to stay engaged! Connect with and talk to your existing customers as well as your target audience. Everyone loves feeling like part of a group -we’re social creatures who like to feel included. Help your customers feel like part of a community by interacting with them often, and make your target market want to be part of that community.


Provide value through engaging content

Keep a regularly updated and engaging blog to get more people visiting your website.

Set yourself up as a valuable resource. Perhaps start a blog filled with helpful advice related to your industry or create ebooks packed with great content. If you’re able to provide value in this way, traffic coming to your website will be more likely to engage with your content and your business – and keep coming back to read more. Perhaps they’ll share your blog posts or ask questions in the comments – engage back! 


Create a personalised experience

Create a personalised experience for your website visitors users to make them feel special and keep coming back.

A personalised experience is a great way to boost engagement, as it helps to build an authentic relationship between business and customer. Be sure to use names and present yourself as friendly and personable (provided that would be appropriate for the type of business you’re in). As mentioned before, proactive live chat can help provide that personalised experience as it builds a relationship right from the start.


I hope you’ve found these ideas on how to keep your existing customers and your website traffic engaged helpful! Do you have any more tips? Leave them in a comment below! 🙂

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